From Stage to Stage celebrates 5 years of foolishness, May 29 at the LSPU Hall. 

Tickets available soon at, 753-4531, or in person at the Hall, 3 Victoria Street, St. John's.

In 2013 four fellows, enamored with their own voices, decided to roll the dice and see if anyone would be interested in seeing a full show of, Newfoundland recitations - most of which they'd written themselves. Their hope was to at least make enough for a box of beer and avoid a total loss.

The recitation has long been a staple form of amusement in Newfoundland and Labrador culture. Whether to deliver a story in a memorable fashion, delight listeners at a kitchen party, pass the time in a fishing stage, or to “say your piece” at a community concert, we have always been very adept at using the spoken word as entertainment.

In recent years some clever folks have been working to keep the form alive by puttingtheir observations and experiences into recitation form.  Some of the finest among them are Dave Paddon, Dave Penney, Hubert Furey and Harry Ingram. Whether being sentimental for days gone by, making light of everyday occurrences, paying tribute to those who have gone before, or by simply trying to make us laugh ourselves silly, these fellows are enjoying keeping the tradition going.

At this event they take the recitation out of the fishing stage to the stage of the LSPU hall, shining a spotlight on one of our most treasured traditions.

For four consecutive years From Stage to Stage has been a sold-out success. And withtwo  hit CDs to their credit, and their material in regular rotation on local radio, they've proven that the Newfoundland recitation is firmly entrenched in the funny bone of the people of this province.