About Foleymore

Foleymore has been producing shows independently in and around St. John's Newfoundland since 2012. Founder Roger Lockyer brings with him over a decade of experience promoting shows that have presented the very best in folk music, representing a  deverse range of performers from both Newfoundland  and the world. Both as an independent producer and working as Artistic Director and programmer of the Newfoundland & Labrador Folk Festival (www.nlfolk.com) , Roger has had the great privilege to work with acts as diverse as Waterson Carthy, Sylvia Tyson, Shanneyganock, Hey Rosetta, Andy Irvine, Paul Brady, Andy M. Stewart, A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, The Masterless Men, Serena Ryder, Martin Simpson, Archie Fisher, Seane Keane, The Dardanelles, The Wonderful Grand Band, Rawlins Cross, Nathan Rogers, The Spinney Brothers and a host of others.